I am a sought-after executive coach helping others ‘go-forward’. I lead an amazing niche team of associates at Go-Forward Associates, in which we partner with individuals and teams in leading executive, education and professional coaching. Specialising in supporting and elevating talented individuals to raise and reach their potential. It’s about people and enabling them.

With over 20 years as an educator in various sectors including public, private, charity and local authority, encompassing more than 25 years in leadership roles, I bring a refreshing and innovative approach to bringing out the best in others and their teams. I possess extensive experience collaborating with leaders, particularly in education and SME organisations. Identified by Gallup Strengths Finder, my prominent strengths include ‘connectedness,’ ‘positivity,’ and ‘maximiser.’ Demonstrating a proven track record, I excel in enabling to bring about change, proficiently analysing challenges, and collaboratively enhancing wellbeing and productivity among individuals and their teams.

I firmly believe in community and specialize in developing individuals through encouragement, personalised coaching, mentoring, and tailored one-on-one insight. My broad leadership experiences span across, educational settings and a tenure in the Church involved holding a senior pastoral role, strengthening community links, empowering volunteers and mobilising others to make a difference. I work with professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, and business owners across the UK, mainly face-to-face to refine, shape and develop thinking from mindset to personal effectiveness and strategy. I am driven by a commitment to bring out the best in others.

I champion the belief that everyone has a meaningful contribution. My authenticity resonates with clients as both refreshing and empowering. To empower my clients’ progress, I employ effective communication, empathy, respect, encouragement, and a present-minded approach. Clients often testify to the positive impact of coaching, describing it as illuminating a lighter and clearer path forward.

I operate a thriving coaching and leadership practice, exclusively built upon personal referrals demonstrating my genuine character and values of integrity, kindness, and warmth enable clients to engage, express vulnerability, and trust my approach on a personal level. Professionally, I uphold principles of kindness, authenticity, reliability, and strive to add significant value to those I collaborate with. My practice is exclusively grown through personal recommendation.


Strength Finders Profile: Harmony  I  Connectedness  I  Positivity  I  Achiever  I  Developer

Angelique’s professional career was determined by the need to understand human behaviour and the application of psychology for the greater public good. Angelique pursued a degree in Organisational Psychology and is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, as well as the British Psychological Society and is a member of the Association of Coaching within the UK. Strength’s finders identifies her highest strengths as: ‘Harmony’, ‘Connectedness’, ‘Positivity’ ‘Achiever’ and ‘Developer’. Angelique believes in community, and aims to empower others to live a life of who they are more naturally.

Angelique’s career expands within the remit of Organisational Psychology. Her working experience has ranged from extensive psychometric assessment (for both selection and developmental purposes, at various organisational levels); in-depth report writing and feedback to individuals across organisational levels; training and facilitation for various purposes (i.e., team development; conflict; or accreditation trainings); coaching; career counselling; and medico-legal work. Angelique has also trained and supervised a number of Organisational Psychologists and Psychometrists within various Organisational Psychology capacities and has participated in both national and international conferences.

Most recently, Angelique works as a Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Worker, as well as a Relocation and Wellbeing Coach. Her role as a Relocation and Wellbeing Coach has been largely driven by her own personal journey, when having had to make the decision to officially leave South Africa to England. As such, Relocation Coaching is particularly beneficial during times of transition and change. Relocation Coaching supports you and your family as you prepare for and adjust to your new circumstances in a new country. During this stressful transition period in your life, Angelique focuses on your personal growth, wellbeing and building your resilience so that you are able to better deal with the practical and emotional challenges of relocating.

Angelique believes that each situation and person is unique. She favours a person-centric approach and believes that conversation is imperative in understanding the realities of others. No one-size-fits-all-approach is followed, as each person’s life and work experiences, goals, talents, likes, dislikes, passions, and personalities are different. She therefore coaches from a positive psychological stance, aiming to focus on what already works for you. Angelique is very passionate in seeing people optimise their wellbeing and supports you through a process of thought-provoking questions. She therefore hopes to bring this passion and energy into her coaching sessions, with the vision to dispense encouragement, hope and growth in improving mental health and wellbeing in the community.


Strength Finders Profile: Learner  I  Achiever  I  Intellection  I  Maximizer  I  Strategic

Angela has three decades of extensive experience within management and senior leadership teams in an education environment, and as a trainer, mentor and coach. She was a senior leader and was awarded Advance Skills Teacher status back in 2010, specializing in Teaching and Learning. Through this she had the pleasure of working not only with her own Federation of schools but across multiple schools in Southern England, providing expertise, support and school improvement. She began mentoring teachers in many schools,  supporting them to raise standards of pupil achievement through their own professional development.

She is used to the high pressure of life on the ‘front line’ and the highs and lows of managing teams. It was here that she gained experience navigating the politics of change and the complexities of enabling change at both an individual, team and organisational level. Angela believes that growth and development are always possible through training, coaching and mentoring.

She has developed departments and teams throughout her career, supporting and developing their skills, knowledge and leadership competencies. She has taken these teams through change initiatives. She has combined coaching with management and leadership development and regularly supported managers to take their next step upward in their careers.

Angela is a compassionate collaborator and supportive critical friend.  She is a natural listener and will make you feel quickly at ease. You will enjoy her calm and empathetic approach. Angela will balance constructive challenge and supportive encouragement to help facilitate growth and progression. Whether it’s helping to shape the careers of talented individuals, encouraging innovative ideas and new perspectives or simply building resilience in preparation for the challenges ahead, coaching and mentoring skills can be used every day to improve performance.

Angela can provide support with teaching and learning reviews,  pedagogy CPD and support along with Instructional Coaching to an individual or a team of staff. She enables staff to explore, analyse and build on their own practice and that of others. Angela helps staff to develop an awareness of what the principles of responsive teaching are and how this facilitates greater engagement, progress and attainment. This can include areas such as exploring lesson structure, managing memory and cognition, or scaffolding and modelling.

Angela is a member of the Association of Coaching and the Institute of Leadership and Management. She is currently working towards her ILM accredited Level 7 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring. The ILM strives to be the gold standard for coaching and mentoring best practice and they continue to be the only organisation in the UK that combines the practical application of professional competency with the rigour of regulated qualifications.

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Feedback from a group of senior and middle leaders (Dec22), a medium enterprise with 130 staff.

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A = Coaching has been transformative


A = Coaching has been Helpful


c = Desire to continue coaching = yes!


B = what is helpful - 'pausing and reflecting'


B = Opportunity to 'off load'


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