solutions that can be tailored to your needs

Executive Coaching | for leaders who desire to develop their effectiveness. How will I benefit | A member of our skilled coaching team will journey with you to help you deepen your understanding of how you lead through a highly focused coaching process. This coaching will be strategic and provide you with insight and assists executives with positive leadership development to enhance their reputation and ability to succeed at the highest level. This solution also includes the Clifton Strengths Finders assessment. From £800 excl.
Development Coaching | for individuals. How will I benefit | A member of our skilled coaching team will work on a 1:1 confidential basis on a range of work-related issues and goals that matter to them, aimed at improving performance and outcomes. The coaching relationship provides the individual with valuable space that is needed to formulate strategy and plans that can successfully be put in to action. Coaching encourages leaders to adopt a consistently solution-focused approach to challenges. It equips leaders to confidently develop and bring out the best in others that they work with and lead. Coaching empowers and builds capacity in middle and senior leaders. This solution also includes the Clifton Strengths Finders assessment. From £800 excl.
Life-Coaching | for individuals wanting to ‘move forward’ with a life opportunity. How will I benefit | A member of our skilled coaching team will work on a 1:1 confidential basis on a ‘life’ issue. Life-coaching is about helping you ‘move forward’. The aim is to help take you from where you are now to where you want to be. We all can get ‘stuck’ with life, work or family, at some point and wonder how to move forward. Coaching is a supportive relationship, which helps you define what you want, create a plan and move forward with someone who is ‘journeying’ with you. Coaching enables us to articulate, express and visualise what we want, we just might not know it, yet or how to get it. Coaching gives you that helping hand and all-important advocate – supporting and guiding from the side lines. This solution also includes the Clifton Strengths Finders assessment. From £500excl
Wellbeing | leadership supervision coaching. How will I benefit | Qualified Mental Health first aiders supporting leaders, employees and individuals with the day-to-day stresses of general and work-life, centered in enhancing your overall mental health and well-being. Well-being has been linked to success at professional, personal, and interpersonal levels, with those individuals high in well-being exhibiting greater productivity in the workplace, more effective learning, increased creativity, more prosocial behaviors, and positive relationships. As such being mentally well and enjoying a sense of well-being allows a person to perform well at work and home, in your studies, and in other family and social relationships. This solution would significantly benefit from including the Clifton Strengths Finders assessment. From £400 excl.
Relocation Coaching | Enabling individuals and families to relocate successfully. How will I benefit | Angelique is our experienced relocation coach having relocated herself in 2021. She is exceptional in guiding others through the life challenges associated with relocation, particularly overseas. Relocating is a big deal, and can be challenging, even more so if family are involved. Angelique focuses on your personal growth, wellbeing and looks at ways of building your resilience during this very stressful transition, so that you feel better equipped to deal with the practical and emotional challenges of relocating. This coaching package is highly flexible, and the agenda will be set by the needs of the client. From £650 excl.
Strengths Analysis Assessment Package to help individuals and teams identify their top talents and understand what makes them unique. How will I benefit | Grounded in more than 5 decades of internal study, it is an invaluable performance-based tool to help you understand you innate skills. When we tap into them, we act with more energy, confidence and direction. When individuals understand their unique talents, they have the power to harness them and take action to optimise their performance. This brings a greater sense of wellbeing, workplace satisfaction and greater effectiveness. The assessment can be used with teams to help them work together more effectively and improve employee engagement and team performance. It can help managers and leaders clarify their roles and understand how to lead their team better. From £250 excl.
A bespoke thematic coaching programme for new and emerging Senior / Middle Leaders. How will I benefit | Moving to middle or senior leadership requires a mindset change to whole school thinking. This equips new and aspiring senior leaders with the skills and attributes to positively impact the teams they lead. It will enable increased leadership effectiveness and raise performance. This context driven opportunity enables leaders to explore new leadership skills such as effective communication, conflict and challenging conversations, self-management and wellbeing, exploring values and culture, and building a high performing team. It equips emerging leaders to confidently develop and bring out the best in others that they work with and lead. It can aid retention and development of aspiring middle/senior leaders. They develop skills in holding difficult conversations, resilience, time management, managing teams and conducting meetings. From £550 (excl.) per session (10 delegates).
Strategic Planning | Facilitation to establish strategic objectives. How will I benefit | Support of leaders in developing their vision and the sharing and embedding of that vision. You will look at your strategic planning and how to communicate the plan(s) effectively. It equips you with the skills of change management and the important dynamics of improvement cycles. From £500 excl.
How will I benefit | Using a variety of tools and diagnostics, one of our coaching team will journey with you and your team helping you better understand how you function, identify a common purpose and overcome 'blindspots' as a team. Clients see great impact of this journey, being able to re-engage their team, build trust and set direction. This solution is often delivered alongside the ‘strategic workshop’ to maximise effectiveness. No two teams are the same, but the principles and values are transferable. The Clifton strength finders tool is particularly effective in this context. From £750 excl.
How will I benefit | A member of our skilled coaching team will connect with you and facilitate opportunities to review your current status, delve into your values which will enable you to align these to occupational areas of work that are potentially more fulfilling. This package is usually shorter in duration and often involves the Gallup Strength Finders assessment. Review and insight into your CV and covering letter is included. With Strength Finders, from £250 excl.
Teaching and Learning | Working with subject leads and or classroom teachers to improve practice and outcomes for their students. Angela is our lead education practitioner who has extensive experience as a senior leader with responsibility for teaching and learning. Angela was also an Advanced Skills Teacher and can provide support with teaching and learning reviews, instructional coaching and pedagogy support/CPD to an individual or a team of staff. Staff will have an opportunity to explore and analyse their practice. They will develop an awareness of what the principles of responsive teaching are and how this facilitates greater engagement, progress and attainment. This can include areas such as exploring lesson structure, managing memory and cognition, or scaffolding and modelling. From £500 (per day) excl.

a coaching journey...

often looks like this...


Many ways to connect with us to move forward...





Typically every 3-4 weeks, sometimes the first 2 sessions are closer together.



having a connection, a trusted relationship with your coach is super important to maximise the impact for you.


virtual / ONLINE

Use of Zoom, Teams and whatsapp at your convenience (a confidential and quiet space is really helpful!)



Coaching is confidential. Your coach will explain confidentiality - particularly important when coaching 'internally' within an organisation.


accessible & powerful

The coaching journey is accessible and runs at your pace. Typically, other questions and scenarios materialise, coaching is able to manage the facilitation of these.


reach out

Connect via one of these methods - would be great to hear your story